István Csorba-Simon

Endless letters

30 March - 28 April, 2023

Through István Csorba-Simon’s newest exhibitions people can get an insight of a new chapter from the “As memory flows” work period which has been expanding for several years.

Drawing is similar to reading, like endless letters, with slow attention, during immersion there is a thoughtful line layer behind where you can look for meaning, emotions or stories. They can all be tracked separately and together, and then there’s something coming up together, repeating in layers, like feelings, thoughts and readings are piling up. They are all a separate story, still they are connected, and the characters come up and down again and again.

The common intercept and coherence of his versatile work is based on perception of time in different ways, understanding and searching for our place in it. This can take forms of remembrance, recording, deepening and waiting during the process of work, in the slow process of devising them.

As an artist his life and profession are not separated from each other. He is looking for fleeting moments as the base of his art, and even if they are barely noticeable, he grabs them and highlights them into a floating, intimate space.

In the preparation of his works that are based on fine attention, personal motivations and feelings he strips the memories, thoughts and experiences while he rebuilds them into other layers, like this he involves the viewer to the abstract narrative, so he can ask this question: what happened and where are we heading to.

At the exhibition sketches and little details are also shown which are presenting how the picture came into existence and helping the further reading of the momentary picture. On the current works which are richly decorated by floral motifs you can find details from his previous graphics, cyclic motifs and processes, his topic is often a representation of his studio/ art workflow.

He calls time-collage the little moments of life where general moments appear, frequent references from the history of art which give him pieces of collage in his mind and time.

During the time we immerse in the layers and details the awakening is coming even for a brief moment: where are we in this rushing world. We start to pay attention to each other and to ourselves.