Gabriella Hajnal

The View

Curator: Lilla Boros

2 June - 1 July, 2022

Gabriella Hajnal has been a dynamic artist for 50 years. Her art focuses on the 20th and the 21st centuries historical experiences, it's all about tradition, history, cultural history and modernism.
This exhibition called ‘View’ let you discover her rich red and blue world, finally it’s available again for the ones who missed her appearance lately and also the ones who are not familiar with this outstanding oeuvre yet.
Those red and blue pieces are not only a period in her art, it doesn’t have a certain topic or style, it’s trying to show the artist diversity. You can see, there is something common in that and it’s the telling style using red and blue colors. The contrast gives strength and emphasizes the topic and the different shapes. Those two colors identify the appearing forms, with that it gives an expressive, dramatical effect built on opposites and it brings in a hidden message behind the artworks. As the artist said ‘I don’t have a concrete creed, I have works different from others. In my opinion it’s already something unique. I have a strong opinion about the phenomenon of life’ This exhibition shows the artist’s views about human existence and nature through definite colors and shapes, she controls and crosses them.
All of her works are presenting a world which is full of powerful colors and shapes, contrasts and energies still it contains the harmony and balance in between them.

The exhibition was supported by the National Cultural Fund of Hungary.