Átlók 2 • 2021 • olaj, vászon • 70x100 cm

Botond András Kiss

Meditation vortex

29 September - 28 October, 2022

According to Epicurus, during the creation of the world, the atoms fluctuate evenly and in the flux the atoms do not come into contact, since the flow is uniform. But once by chance - the reason for this is not mentioned - due to some deviation, collisions and turbulence arise. It is these random turbulences that create the multitude of worlds.
(Böhringer, 2006. p. 24)

The word ‘vortex’ means whirl or turbulence but depending on the context it can also mean the effect which art or a creative gesture can generate.
It’s really important to stop sometimes and step out from this crawling life around us. In my opinion everybody needs their own meditation objects.
The reeds blown by the wind, the parallels of the raindrops, the constant changes of the water-plane are all meditative visual experiences to me, observing those scenes are really fascinating to me. The permanency and the constant changes are interweaving into one monotonous effect. This continuity collides with those thoughts, emotions and memories where it swirls. Like this turbulence, in other words ‘vortex’ arises inside me which is inspiring me, giving rise to making art.

Botond András Kiss


The exhibition was supported by the National Cultural Fund of Hungary.