Anikó Robitz


25 August - 23 September, 2022

“Few years ago I was traveling on the tram in Zürich and I noticed a little shop full of camera equipment. The name of the shop was simply Dunkelkammer which means dark room. I found it really interesting because it’s just so simple and it sounds really nice in german. In 2006 when I signed in to ‘Szellemkép Szabadiskola’ school I studied analogue photography. From that period I spent years taking pictures with only that method and I did the blow-up by myself too. Later on I started to shoot with my digital camera and I used my analogue camera less frequently so I wasn’t able to collect a certain amount of those pictures for an exhibition. At the end of 2021 I started to use analogue technique again because I needed reality besides the online platform during the Covid period. For this exhibition I collected my analogue photographs. I chose some details from our surroundings and then I captured how the forms can transform them into geometric shapes. With this method the original detail creates a new reality. The main focus is how the place itself also the proportions can change different shapes and textures.”

Anikó Robitz

The exhibition was supported by the National Cultural Fund of Hungary.