Hintalovon Art Project

Everyone was a child

16 November - 21 December 2023

opening: 17 November at 17:00

Everyone was a child ... it just seems so far away sometimes.

It's OK if you can't list the articles of the Convention on the Rights of the Child. It's OK if you don't read all the articles on children's rights and child protection. It's enough to remember what it was like to be a child. What did you need? What gave you joy? How did you want to be treated? Children's rights are really about nothing more than these questions. In many cases, you only need to remember what it was like to be a child to know exactly why it is important to look after children and protect their rights and needs.

In November 2023, we will launch the Hintalovon Art Project with a special exhibition and related activities in cooperation with Hintalovon Foundation for Children's Rights, the Together for Art Association and the Art is Business. The project involves well-known artists, writers and poets, with the idea of creating new works under the banner "Everybody was a child". 
The thematic project is intended to create a tradition to raise awareness of open-minded thinkers on various children's rights issues year after year.

Hintalovon Art Project aims to convey the objectives of the Foundation - to make Hungary a better place for children, to make it a good place to be a child and to make adult society take into account the interests and concerns of children in all aspects of life - through the means of art and to increase the Foundation's operating resources.

We believe that this project will help bring the message of children's rights to even more people!

We want families, institutions, policy makers, business and society as a whole to listen to children. If we all understood the importance of a good childhood - and that every child matters.

By buying artworks you support the work of the Foundation!

A kiállítás a Nemzeti Kulturális Alap támogatásával jött létre.

Exhibiting artists:

Bálványos Levente, Benyovszky-Szűcs Domonkos, Cseh Lili, Csorba-Simon István, Fajgerné Dudás Andi, Fülöp Tünde, Gerőcs Péter, Hajas Katinka, Hajgató Terézia, Horváth Lóczi Judit, Karafiáth Orsolya/ Legát Tibor, Kiss Márta, Koleszár Kata, Kusovszky Bea, Majoros Áron, Márton László, Németh Marcell, Szabó Kristóf (Kristóflab), Szenteleki Gábor, Szentesi Éva, Wolsky András