Eszter Poroszlai

I Hold the Line by the Hand

22 February - 22 March 2024

The works of Eszter Poroszlai (1974, Budapest), reveals an artistic programme of constant experimentation and scientific interest. Evolving from her early engagement with the traditional medium of painting, Poroszlai's oeuvre has undergone a profound evolution, marked by a transition towards geometric abstraction and a deep-seated fascination with the scientific intricacies of the natural world. In her minimalist compositions, Poroszlai adeptly explores motifs such as the torus, circle, and cone, unraveling their spatial complexities with meticulous precision. Drawing inspiration from metaphysics and mathematics, her abstract works transcend conventional boundaries, offering viewers a glimpse into the infinite possibilities of space and perspective. This conceptual framework shapes her creative repertoire, evident in precisely structured installations where stretched threads carve out new planes of spatial dimensionality. Expanding beyond traditional mediums, Poroszlai seamlessly integrates textiles and photographic processes into her artistic practice, offering profound meditations on the interplay between vision and perception, reality and illusion.

Poroszlai's exhibition "I Hold the Line by the Hand", delves into the profound relationship between geometry and the innate forms found in nature, inviting viewers to contemplate the intrinsic beauty of the natural world through a conceptual lens. Central to this exploration is Poroszlai's four-scale installation, "Traverse", a captivating embodiment of the interplay between virtual and physical space. Spanning gallery walls with the motif of the cone, this installation serves as a dynamic collision of abstract concepts and tangible reality. In her series "Insta(nt)llation", conceived during the challenging times of the pandemic, Poroszlai reflects on themes of confinement and escapism, juxtaposing the allure of virtual spaces with the enduring presence of the physical realm. Utilizing the ancient cyanotype technique, she captures landscapes and arboreal forms in a timeless cyan-blue hue, complemented by meticulously embroidered ray lines that extend into the spatial continuum.

Eszter Poroszlai graduated from the Painting Department of the Hungarian University of Fine Arts in 2014 in the class of Zsigmond Károlyi. She is currently a student of the Doctoral School of Art at the University of Pécs, where she has studied in Paris and Berlin on scholarship. His geometric abstract sculptures have been exhibited in several national and international exhibitions: his geometric abstract works have been shown at the Vasarely Museum, the Szombathely Gallery, the Fészek Art Club, the Medence Projekt Tér, the "Scene Hungary" exhibition at the Museum Ritter in Waldenbuch, among others.