Tehetség, Szorgalom, Kitartás • 2020 • olaj, papír, multitípia • 100 x 150 cm • keretezett méret: 105,5x155,5 cm

Csaba Fürjesi

Human synchronous

November 3 - December 2, 2022

The meaning of human synchronous is: the process of examining and presenting human qualities, values, phenomena and situations at the same time. The basic line of Csaba Fürjesi's art is primarily parallel to this activity.
The human being is at the centre of his emphatic visual world, which presents barely perceptible, yet essential transitions of thought, intellectual and ideological dimensions, sometimes with a socio-critical dimension.
His works, which explore the universal fundamental questions of time and existence, reveal deeper contexts of content alongside emotional or even sacral narratives. His themes, combined with individual motifs based on collective cultural memory, and the juxtaposition of past and present, work to reinterpret the subjective sense of the duration of time, and the events of the world as it is lived and lived now.
The effects that arise from the extension and crossing of genre boundaries and the specific textures given by the various raw materials are put at the service of pictorial expression.His works, which are highly introspective, prompting self-analysis and the search for answers, open their viewers to a new kind of human-centred attention.

Csaba Fürjesi's works have not been shown to the public in Hungary since 2017. In this exhibition we have selected a selection of large-scale works from recent years.

"If I had to categorize it, I would say that my art typically takes a postmodern artistic stance, in which I strive to create a kind of personal voice in the visual arts, whether it be painting, sculpture, installation or graphic art.

As I do not believe in irrefutable truth claims, my work tends to question what is essentially a complete world-explanatory principle. These can induce further communication and make us rethink and reassess our current positions and views.

I see the world as ambiguous, differing, paradoxical, and the visual representation of this has inspired me from the beginning. In many of my works, I present scenes, everyday situations and moments that are both real and surreal, or that explore fundamental questions of time and existence. In the process of posing duality, their simultaneous presence and the combination of their motifs, many contexts are blurred and transformed. In many cases, the tension of this can create a specific pictorial atmosphere: specific fragments of life situations with multiple meanings and different emotional effects. Their functioning is based on collective cultural memory, they can evoke our shared experiences and memories from hidden corners of our memory. It is a situation of "looking behind the curtain", working with the activation of cultural memory, the sense of the duration of subjective time, the reinterpretation of the events of the world lived and the world now.
I think it is important to create context, to draw in deeper, broader contexts, and therefore often it is not the primary formality or stylistic features of the work that are important. The presence of intellectual, ideological dimensions or social-critical aspects is also important to me."

Csaba Fürjesi

The exhibition was supported by the National Cultural Fund of Hungary.